Jailed for a Painting – Readers React to Turkish Prison Sentence

Painter and journalist Zehra Dogan (Photo: the Voice Project)

Turkey recently sentenced a young Kurdish journalist and painter to close to three years in prison for a painting she made based on a photograph of Turkish forces assaulting a Kurdish village. We asked our readers to

Join Clarion’s campaign to pressure Turkey because of its unacceptable Islamist policies

Here are some of the responses:

From all I hear, Turkey is a great danger to the United States of America – be careful.

I lived in Turkey for several years; what is happening now with Erdogan is he is successfully dismantling decades of secular Kemalism that offered much greater press, civic and religious freedom than the growing totalitarian regime of Erdogan.  Be very careful how you negotiate with this cunning radical Islamist.

I think we should reconsider Turkey as an ally… Erdogan is moving the country slowly towards an Islamic state bent on creating a new Ottoman Empire.

Dogan’s painting (Photo: Facebook)

“Mr Secretary of State, Please refrain from giving Turkey a pass on its wretched human rights record as a result of its increasingly Islamic extremism.  Turkey may of once been heading towards being a secular state, but under its current leadership it is heading towards being a sharia theocratic dictatorship and thus a threat to the USA and the Western world.

Stop any support of radical Muslim persecution and free speech suppression.

America shall not be the plaything of Turkey or Saudi Arabia or any other Islaimc hate promoter like Iran.

Photograph of the government assault on the village (Photo: Facebook)

This proves that the Islamist policies of Turkey are the same as every other terrorist entity.  It is time to ban the Muslim Brotherhood in the US.  It is the granddaddy of all terrorist organizations, from which nearly every terrorist group of today is based.  Erdogan is Muslim Brotherhood, as is Hamas, CAIR and many other groups, which have been proven to be harmful to the U.S. through pro-terrorist activities and financial support for terrorist entities.

It is long past time to ban the Muslim Brotherhood, as has already been done by moderate Muslim countries.”

 [Whether] through the soft sell of [Islamist] fashion, the imprisonment of people who photograph or paint the true events, even to forced beatings of females who violate Islamic law by just not covering their heads, we unwittingly (and ignorantly) are allowing another Holocaust in a different time and place.  Wake up!

Turkey is an Islamist state that routinely disregards the fundamental human rights of its population.  Under no circumstances should we negotiate or capitulate to its demands – on the contrary, we should take Turkey to task.

Turkey is certainly no friend of the USA….please do not be deluded.

Turkey is no longer our friend. Act accordingly please.

Turkey’s current regime’s actions and statements [represent] anti-Western values and are pro-Islamist. It is a tyranny and suppresses its own people from speaking out brutally. It wants to destroy the Kurds as well. They cannot be relied upon. We have to act accordingly. They should not be a part of NATO.

Why do we reward un-America countries? Those that threatened us, hate us, undermine our values, freedoms, democracy, religion: Turkey, Russia, China, Iran, Somalia, Eritrea, Cuba, etcetera!


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