Jailbreaks in Bahrain, Philippines Free Islamist Terrorists

Islamist terrorists escaped from prisons in Bahrain and the Philippines after their compatriots launched attacks on jails in which they were being held.

In the Philippines, 160 inmates escaped when the North Cotabato District Jail was attacked in a pre-dawn raid by dozens of armed men who stormed facility located close to 580 miles southeast of Manila. According to local police, the attackers were believed to be members of the banned Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters as well as other jihadis who broke off from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a group which signed a peace agreement with the government.

Six people were shot during the attack, five of them inmates. Another six inmates were captured in the subsequent chase by army and police troops. The rest remain at large.

In Bahrain, gunmen stormed the Jau prison located in the capital city of Manama, freeing 10 prisoners convicted on terrorism charges.

The attack was reportedly launched by “a terrorist cell of four to six members armed with automatic rifles and pistols,” according to a report on the incident by the interior ministry. One policeman was killed in the attack and another moderately wounded.

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