J-Lo Sued Over Bare-Booty Outfits?

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J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) performs onstage during her concert on the beach of New Alamein, north of Cairo August 9, 2019. (Photo: KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)
J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) performs onstage during her concert on the beach of New Alamein, north of Cairo August 9, 2019. (Photo: KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

The revealing outfits worn by J-Lo’s during her recent first-ever concert in Egypt provoked not only a social media storm but a possible lawsuit.

Lawyer and Dr. Samir Sabri said he will send a complaint to the public prosecutor against the organizers of the recent J-Lo concert in Egypt. Jennifer Lopez — know by her nickname J-Lo — is an international singer and movie star.

While most were bedazzled by the 50-year old star’s impeccable body, Sabri complained not only because J-Lo appeared half-naked, but also because of the timing of her concert, which came less than a week after a large terrorist attack in Cairo.

In that attack, a car bomb set by a Muslim Brotherhood group outside Cairo’s main cancer hospital exploded, killing at least 20 people and wounding 47 others.

Sabri also expressed disgust for Egyptian female government ministers who attended a concert so close after the attack.

In addition, Sabri objected to the concert because it was held during the Haj. “It doesn’t make sense that people will be [attending the Haj] and standing on [Saudi Arabia’s] Mount Arafat and others will be attending such a concert,” Sabri said.

Watch the following short video which shows government ministers at the concert, interspersed with clips from the concert, the terror attack and the Haj:

Clarion Project’s Arab Affair Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ran Meir contacted Egyptian lawyer Reda Eldanbouki, a friend of Clarion Project and founder and head of the Women’s Center for Guidance and Legal Awareness, to see if Sabri has a case against the J-Lo organizers.

“The Egyptian constitution allows personal freedom for all citizens, including the right to wear what one chooses. This is guaranteed by article 54 and 19,” Eldanbouki told Clarion Project. “Sabri is a well-known lawyer that has a reputation of suing stars and artists to make a name for himself. In all of his complaints, there is no legal standing — just words to shine the spotlight on him and get his name in the newspapers.”

Eldanbouki added,

“Jennifer Lopez has the right to dress this way. She’s free to do so. It is her body. She can wear whatever she wants. It’s a public concert. People in Egypt dress this way – in the movies and at the beaches. It’s just an excuse to criticize.

“Did you know that Egypt has the highest rate of sexual harassment after Afghanistan, even when women are wearing the niqab [face veil]?

“Sexual harassment happens in Mecca, even at the Haj. Let women wear what they want. We should pay attention to their minds, not to their bodies. A woman is her mind and not a tool for sex.

“In the end, I think the public prosecutor will not go through with any lawsuit.”


Clarion Project’s Arab Affairs Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ran Meir can be contacted at [email protected]



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