How Islamists Are Turning Corona Into an Anti-Israel Rant

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Anti-Israel rants by Islamists accuse Israel, among other things, of causing the coronavirus so they can sell the world a vaccine (Photo: torange.biz)
Anti-Israel rants by Islamists accuse Israel, among other things, of causing the coronavirus so they can sell the world a vaccine (Photo: torange.biz)

While many people think that the COVID-19 crisis has put the Islamists out of business, they should think again. Islamists use every opportunity to further their subversive agendas, and people dying is not a shocking phenomenon for them.

During the coronavirus crisis, there has been a substantial and troubling rise in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda from some Muslim-majority countries. This subtle — and not so subtle — messaging is directed towards Muslims living in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

What is the effect of this? Just imagine 1.6 billion Muslims in quarantine. Even if you take just 30 percent of them, that’s a huge number of people that are home, and the topics of conversations (promoted on social media) are the most extreme viewpoints of Islam leading to anti-Semitism, youth radicalization, abuse of spouses and conspiracy theories.

While the coronavirus will end, the fallout it will leave behind will have to be dealt with for years to come.

In Pakistan: Islamists have yanked the seat out from under the clerics. In the Sunni world, clerics are not necessarily educated, so Islamists are preaching to a captive audience which mostly doesn’t go beyond its boundaries. One tactic they are using is to employ notable personalities with whom people are familiar to be their anti-Semitic mouthpieces.

Take, for example Abdullah Haroon — a well-known, respectable and educated Pakistani academic, who speaks in a lengthy Youtube video about where the virus came from:

Here’s the gist of his message:

  • The coronavirus was made in a lab with a strategic plan for it
  • It was meant to distract the public while chemical warfare was being prepared
  • The virus was created to scare people and cause only enough deaths to create fear
  • In 2006, the virus was patented by a U.S. company called KAIRON (he gives the patent number)
  • To show that the virus was not produced by one country, in 2014, a patent for the vaccine was taken out in Europe (again he gives the patent number). This patent was released in 2019
  • Israel started to make the vaccine and said they would only give the patent to those countries that recognize them
  • Coronavirus was created in the UK and sent by Air Canada to Wuhan. Bill and Melinda Gates funded this project along with John Hopkins University and Bloomberg. Davos also was part of this
  • Israel will be the first to gain from the coronavirus because they want to become a world power

In the UK: In a talk about “fake news,” Lord Nazir Ahmed said “also don’t listen to the Israeli Defense Minister’s explanation of coronavirus.”

In Qatar: It was reported that Israeli soldiers are destroying all coronavirus treatment centers in Palestinian areas

It’s sad that while the world is battling a virus together, with Israel among the leading innovators for a cure and/or a vaccine, there are people who — instead of holding China accountable for the evil they unleashed — will still find any excuse to vilify the only Jewish state in the world.



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Raheel Raza

Raheel Raza is a spokesperson for Clarion Project and of president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

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