Islamist Bus Driver Refuses to Pick Up Woman in Short Skirt

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A bus in France (Photo: Flickr/James Petts/CC 2.0)
A French bus (Photo: Flickr/James Petts/CC 2.0)

An Islamist bus driver in Paris refused to open the doors and pick up a woman because her skirt was too short.

The woman, 29-year-old Elise Bencheikh, was waiting at a stop for the public transportation in the northern part of the city with a friend at about 11 pm. The bus pulled up but the driver did not open the doors.

The two ran after the bus and caught it up at a red light, at which point Becheikh asked the driver why he did not open the doors. “Think about dressing properly,” he told her.

Bencheikh is the daughter of Algerian poet Kamel Bencheikh, who wrote about the incident on Facebook. The post was seemingly immediately censored by the social media giant and is no longer visible.

An Italian news site that reported the incident noted the bus was crossing the banlieues, Parisian suburbs (the 19th arrondissement, or district) that have been dubbed by some as sharia-compliant, no-go zones for women.

“Whole neighborhoods are in the hands of fundamentalists who molest women. And the public transport company hires the Islamists as a means to defend themselves from stone-throwing,” stated the report in il Giornale.it.

Two years ago, Clarion writer Leslie Shaw filed a report about these very same suburbs after two neighborhood associations — SOS La Chapelle and Tomorrow La Chapelle — posted a petition online titled Women, an Endangered Species in the Heart of Paris.

The petition, addressed to the president, prime minister, minister for justice, minister for the interior, attorney-general and mayor and police commissioner of Paris was a plea for help from the residents of the La Chapelle district in the north-east of the city.

The petition noted that in the previous year, the area adjacent to the La Chapelle subway station had turned into an exclusively male preserve and a dangerous no-go zone for women and girls. There were no women to be seen on the streets or in the cafés and no children playing in the small park.

One woman, who had been living in the neighborhood for 30 years, told a reporter from the Parisien newspaper the constant insults and lewd remarks women were subject to there were causing them to change the way they dress and make detours when commuting to and from work or shopping.

In these areas, even girls going to and from school are called “bitches” and “sluts” by the gangs of youths loitering on the streets.

“My 12-year old daughter cannot walk to school anymore or even go outside alone,” said one young mother, while another protested that her 17-year-old daughter is “continually harassed.”



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