Islamic State: Georgia Is Next

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The latest shocking Islamic State video threatens an attack on Georgia.

“I would like to address the faithless people living in Georgia that have been fighting Islam for a long time” a fighter tells the camera. “Everybody who has acted against Islam, no matter in Iraq or Afghanistan, will be judged by God’s law.”

The speaker invokes typical ISIS propaganda accusing Georgians of persecuting Muslims.  

“God is very strict; therefore we call on you to stop persecuting Muslims. Your actions against the Muslim will not remain unanswered. Everybody will be accountable for it. Soon there will be time of beheading you.”

He also references Georgia’s time under Muslim rule. Georgia, a majority Christian country nestled between Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, was ruled by Arab Caliphates from initial incursions in the mid-7th century until 1122.

“You consider yourselves to be very far from Caliphate, thinking we cannot reach Georgia but I would like to remind you of the period when Caliphate was established in Georgia.”

Georgian authorities blocked two pro-Islamic State websites in the country on Tuesday in an effort to clamp down on the group’s propaganda.

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org