State: New York

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11201

Year Founded: 1947

The Dawood mosque was originally founded by Sheikh Daoud Ahmed Faisal. According to Professor Kambiz Ghanea Bassiri, “Daoud attacked Christianity as a white, racist religion.”[1] The radical Dar-Ul-Islam movement arose from this mosque.[2] Islamist cleric Khalid Yassin converted to Islam at the mosque and was a guest speaker there in 1995, despite his record of extremist preaching.[3]

Statements made by Yassin, include : “This whole delusion about the equality of women is a bunch of foolishness; there’ds no such thing” and ““We don’t need to go to the Christians, or the Jews, debating with them about the filth which they believe …” [3a]

The mosque has been the subject of a NYPD “terrorism enterprise investigation.”[4] Such investigations are permitted when there is evidence to suspect that two or more individuals are conspiring to support terrorism or another violent crime.[5]

Former Islamic Mission of American president Dr. Ahmad Jaber is also the founder and president of the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY). Linda Sarsour, AAANY’s executive director, has a record of incendiary language and has multiple family members and friends allegedly linked to Hamas. She has been questioned by the authorities and her husband faced deportation in 2004.


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