Islamic Elementary Schools Teaching Taliban Curriculum

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Boys at the East London Mosque, which is known for its extremism (Photo: Rob Stothard/Getty Images)
Illustrative photo of boys at the East London Mosque, which is known for its extremism (Photo: Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

A leaked government report says Islamic elementary schools across the UK operated by the Darul Uloom movement are teaching children using the same curriculum as the Taliban, The Daily Mail reported.

The schools, which are under the auspices of the Darul Uloom (House of Knowledge) network, follow the philosophy of the extremist Deobandi movement. The curriculum, known as Dars-E-Nizami, is used to teach the boys to be imams.

It involves a literal interpretation of the Quran, an ideology espoused by some of the some of the most radical clerics that move to the UK from Afghanistan and Pakistan, among others.

The government report found the boys were being taught intolerant and misogynistic ideas.

Four of the schools had previously been criticized by Ofsted, the government regulatory agency for education in the county. Ofsted found students were taught music and dancing comes from the devil and women do not have the right to refuse sex with their husbands.

One particular Darul Uloom school in Birmingham was investigated in 2011 by UK’s Channel 4, which found students were taught to hate Christians, Hindus and Jews.

Ofsted also investigated a girl’s schools connected to the movement. In 2006, Aliyah Saleem spilled all about her Darul Uloom school in Nottingham after she was kicked out for possessing a disposable camera, among other “behavioral” offenses.

Saleem said attending school was like being in prison and the girls were taught their husbands were allowed to beat and rape because it made “Allah happy.”

Darul Uloom operates schools in a number of cities across Britain, including London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester. The Mail on Sunday identified a total of 48 Darul Uloom schools which teach the extremist curriculum.


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