Islamic Cultural Institute

State: Michigan

Location: St. Clair Shores, MI



The Islamic Cultural Institute (ICI), established in 1989, is located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan [1]. There are no clear affiliations with Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups and no articles appear that arouse any concern about extremism.

The current spiritual leader of ICI is Imam Mohamed Musa. Imam Musa is a graduate of Cairo’s Al-Azhar University [2]. Imam Musa formerly served as the Imam of the Dix mosque, formerly known as the American Muslim Society [Ibid]. Following Imam Musa’s departure from the Dix mosque, he criticized insular mosques and spoke of “diversity” and “openness.” [3] Musa also called for mosque leaders need to have their “hands held over the fire,” for their anti-American rhetoric [4].

We have not found any information of radical teachings from Imam Musa. However, while serving as Imam at the Dix mosque, there is a reported incident of Musa trying to convince a child bride against seeking divorce [5].


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