ISIS and ? You’ll Never Believe What’s the Other Top Security Threat

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climate change or ISISISIS and climate change are the top security concerns of people in 38 countries, according to a new poll from Pew Research Center.

Those who see themselves as leaning right were more likely to identify Islamic State as the big challenge while climate change was often the choice on the left.

Other major concerns included cyberattacks, the condition of the global economy, refugees, U.S. power and influence, Russian power and influence and China’s power and influence.

In the United States 74 percent mentioned ISIS as a major threat (respondents were allowed to select more than one answer) with climate change garnering 56%.

In Lebanon 97% referred to ISIS.

Overall in the 38 countries included in the survey, 62% focused on ISIS with 61% fearing the security impact of climate change.

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