ISIS Warns of End of US Following Trump Victory

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While Islamic State faces defeat after defeat in Iraq and Syria, the terror organization continues to pour out rhetoric and threats against the West and in particular the United States.

ISIS and al-Qaeda both promised Election-Day attacks on the American homeland but both failed, thanks in part to security personnel throughout the country.

As Americans woke to the news that the new president elect was Donald Trump, the ISIS propaganda machine was already hard at work in a bid to terrorize Americans.

"Rejoice with support from Allah, and find glad tidings in the imminent demise of America at the hands of Trump,” said ISIS-affiliated al-Minbar Jihadi Media network.

Trump too is capable of some robust rhetoric. In the past he has made his views on how to tackle ISIS very clear.

“I would hit [ISIS] so hard. I would find you a proper general, I would find the Patton or MacArthur. I would hit them so hard your head would spin.”

Islamic State continues to threaten Western nations, with France, Israel, Italy and the UK among those repeatedly mentioned in ISIS statements and videos.

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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