Islamic State Releases Gruesome New Revenge Video

The Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) has released a slick execution video in revenge for the raid by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and U.S. special forces that freed 70 Iraqi hostages who were in imminent danger of being killed. Twenty Islamic State terrorists were killed in the raid.

The video (WATCH BELOW) features an Islamic State jihadi, his face swathed in a black balaclava, threatening U.S. President Barack Obama and speaking in fluent, American-accented English.

The American stands over a kneeling orange-clad Kurdish fighter. Three other Islamic State jihadis also pose over kneeling Kurds.

Waving his knife menacingly, he says, “Obama, you have learned a new lesson. Six of the soldiers of the caliphate faced 400 of your children. They killed and injured them, by Allah’s grace.”

The American narrator appears to be referring to a recent alleged failed rescue attempt to free the Kurdish soldiers in the Kirkuk (Karkuk, in Arabic) province near the city of Al-Hawija, Iraq. The video is shot at the site where the Islamic State says Kurdish and U.S. forces landed.

“You are probably surprised by this. O, crusader, it is the support of Allah. You returned to your bases with losses and humiliation. Obama, you waged war against Allah. He supports us against you. It is the promise of Allah. Allah will never fail in his promise,” the American jihadi says

The video continues to explain that American intelligence sources had failed, leading the Americans to believe that the prisoners were being kept in the buildings at the site when, in fact, the buildings were empty.

The gruesome video shows the Islamic State fighters beheading the prisoners, devising yet a new form of torture when three of the Kurds are forced to watch the first beheading before being beheaded themselves. One squeezes his eyes shut.

The video also contains a personal message in Kurdish to Mosoud Barzani, president of the Iraqi Kurdistan region. “To Mosoud, the dog, how many attempts will it take before you will know your ability,” the narrator says. “You should know that if you were to gathere your forces with all the airplanes in the world, we will still defeat you and we shall conquer Erbil soon.”

In another horrific act of barbarity, the Islamic State, the Kurdish medical network Rudaw reported that the Islamic State executed a group of boys who were trying to escape Mosul, the de-facto capital of the Islamic State.

“At least 12 children have been reportedly killed by the Islamic State radicals. The children were receiving training at Ashti military camp in Mosul and they were caught trying to escape,” said Saeed Mamuzini, media officer of the Mosul branch of the Kurdish Democratic Party.

“The ages of the executed children are around 12 to 16. They are mostly Arabs from Mosul,” Mamuzini said.

The Islamic State has taken over all the schools in the area and is using them to brainwash and train the next generation of fighter for the “caliphate.”

“The boys study at school not to learn, but to become mujahideen [jihadi warriors],” said one father from Fallujah, speaking to AP.


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