ISIS on New Campaign to Destroy Christian Houses in Nineveh

The Islamic State destroyed 21 houses Saturday belonging to Christians and Shabaks, an ethnic minority group composed of Shiite and Sunni Muslims as well as Kurds. A spokeman for the Democractic Kurdish Party, Said Mamuzini, said the houses were in the Karakush district in the Nineveh plains.

The destruction is part of an on-going reign of terror being perpetrated by the Islamist organization. “Lately ISIS blew up hundreds of houses in the area of the plain of Nineveh,” Mamuzini said, speaking to Al-Sumaria News.

Mamuzini added it was part of a campaign by the Islamic State “to inflict fear among the people of the area."

Since the beginning of the Islamic State takeover of massive swaths of territory in Iraq culminating in the fall of Mosul in July of 2014, more than 100,000 Iraqi Christians have fled their homes, leaving behind most of their worldly possessions. Christians who stayed behind have been subjected to torture, death and extortion.

In Syria, Christians have been subjected to similar fates, including the destruction of ancient ruins of cities, churches and monasteries.  Hundreds of Assyrian Christians have been kidnapped by the group and either massacred, held for ransom or sold into sex slavery.

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