ISIS Is NOT Contained. Here’s Proof

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Despite the narrative of the mainstream media, ISIS is not playing dead and rolling over. ISIS is very much alive and rearing its ugly head in Syria, among other locations.

Here are four examples of what the brutal terror group has been up to in recent weeks:


In the Druze city of Suwayda in southern Syria, ISIS massacred at least 225 civilians. Photos of terrified girls and women left alive and taken hostage were sent to surviving family members.

The group posted a video (see below) of 19-year old science student, Muhanad Zuqan Abu Amar, before they beheaded him, saying that more such killings would be follow unless their demands were met.

ISIS is holding more than 30 Druze hostages from the city.


On August 1, the Israeli air force obliterated a seven-member ISIS cell 200 meters from the Israeli border with Syria. The group, which belonged to ISIS’ Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, had crossed the Alpha line in the Syria-Jordan-Israel triangle area and were approaching the border fence. They failed to stop after being warned.

The terrorist were heavily armed with AK-47 assault rifles, bullet-proof vests, grenades and apparent suicide belts.


Hearkening back to its earlier days, ISIS recently released videos of a Japanese journalist and an Italian man the group kidnapped in Syria. Both appeal for their release.


ISIS hostage Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda (Photo: ISIS)
ISIS hostage Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda (Photo: ISIS propaganda)

Jumpei Yasuda and Alessandro Sandrini appear in ISIS’ signature orange jumpsuits with armed men dressed in black behind them. Yasuda disappeared in Syria in 2015. Sandrini disappeared in Turkey a year ago and was smuggled across the border into Syria.





ISIS hostage Italian Alessandro Sandrini (Photo: ISIS propaganda)
ISIS hostage Italian Alessandro Sandrini (Photo: ISIS propaganda)


ISIS posted a video over the weekend of six members of Iraq’s security forces the group kidnapped, threatening to kill them if Iraq fails to release its female Sunni prisoners. The men in the video had badly bruised faces and identified themselves as Iraqi police officers or members of Iraq’s paramilitary forces, Hashed al-Shaabi.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces found the bodies of eight people kidnapped by the terror group. Those found had appeared in a previous ISIS video.



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