ISIS Fighters Are Getting Doctors’ Notes to Avoid Battle

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Illustrative picture. (Photo: ISIS Propaganda video)

Islamic State foreign fighters have been trying to dodge battle, as reported by The Washington Post.

Iraqi forces seized a document listing 14 “problem” fighters from the Tariq Bin Zayid battalion, when they liberated one of the neighborhoods of Mosul last month.

The battalion mostly comprises foreign fighters and is named after the general who conquered Spain for the Ummayad Caliphate in the 711-718 campaign.

The document listed each militant’s name, date of joining, country of origin, weapons specialties blood type and number of wives, slave girls and children. It also included a picture.

“He doesn’t want to fight, wants to return to France,” read the notes on one fighter listed as a 24-year-old French resident of Algerian descent. “Claims his will is a martyrdom operation in France. Claims sick but doesn’t have a medical report.”

One Belgian fighter was listed as having a doctor’s note claiming a bad back exempting him from battle. Two fighters from Kosovo requested a transfer to Syria, one of them claiming head pain.

“Those foreign fighters are the most furious fighters we ever fought against,” said Lt.-Col. Muhanad al-Tamimi, whose unit recovered the document from a building in Mosul. “When those fighters refuse to fight it means that they’ve realized this organization is fake Islam and not the one they came for.”

Iraqi forces are pushing back ISIS and are currently engaged in a grueling battle to retake Mosul. Iraq’s second largest city with a population of some two million people was captured by the terrorist group when it stormed across northern Iraq in 2014.

The Iraqi army is reportedly using the corpses of jihadis as a form of psychological warfare to intimidate and demoralize the remaining ISIS fighters.They leave their bodies lying in the street to rot as an intimidation tactic.


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Elliot Friedland

Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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