ISIS’ Chief Mufti Captured; Freed in Minutes for $7.5K

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ISIS mufti Abu Omar
ISIS mufti Abu Omar

In a remarkable failure of the Iraqi justice system, ISIS’ religious leader was arrested and released just minutes later after paying a $7,500 bribe (Arabic link).

The incident took place in a police station in Mosul, Iraq, according to local official Zuheir Hazzen el-Jaburi.

“I was in Mosul when a force from police intelligence arrested a man. After questioning they were told he was the mufti for the right bank of the [river in the] city – an ISIS member,” el-Jaburi said.

“We asked people who he was, and they proved he really was ISIS’ mufti. After he was arrested, he left a motorbike behind. An hour later we saw the motorbike was no longer there.

“We inquired about it. They said he was released 10 minutes earlier after he paid 75 notes [$7,500].”

Nineveh official official Zuheir Hazzen el-Jaburi
Nineveh official official Zuheir Hazzen el-Jaburi (Video screenshot)

Famed for his long white beard, Abu Omar was not only the religious leader of Islamic State but also one of the organization’s executioners – reportedly joining in the stoning of homosexuals.

Apparently Abu Omer wasn’t the first terrorist to be freed in this way. El-Jaburi said this type of corruption is rife in Iraq.



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