Iran, Hizbollah Helping Syrian Regime [with VIDEO]

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A member of Syria”s parliament who defected to Egypt by convincing his

superiors that he was leaving on a business trip says Syrian President

Bashar Assad is receiving help from its radical Islamist buddies to

combat the country”s popular uprising.

Imad Ghalioun is quoted as saying, “Iran is supporting the regime with

all its might [because] sustaining the Syrian regime is protecting

Iran itself and it”s interests.

However, he also added that, “Iran

knows the Syrian regime is weakening and is using it as a bargaining

chip for negotiations with the West.”

Ghalioun also charged that the Lebanese terrorist organization,

Hizbollah, is providing logistical support and fighters to Assad”s


Iran and Hizbollah have both denied providing support to Assad, but

just last week a number if Iranian trucks containing weapons were

intercepted by Turkey.

Even though the rebellion has devastated the Syrian economy, Ghalioun

said that the coffers are full for the military who has an “open

budget” to brutally squelch the protesters. Syrian military forces are

active on the streets; “ghost hit men,” pro-government snipers, provide

support from hidden positions.


Ghalioun said that many more Syrian officials also want to defect, but

The day after Ghalioun and his family left Syria, travel by government

officials was banned.

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Meira Svirsky

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