Iran Faces New Front in Mass Protests

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Iranian farmers protest a governmental crackdown on water supplies.
Iranian farmers protest a governmental crackdown on water supplies. (Courtesy photo)

While American reportage of the anti-government protests and riots in Iran has largely faded from the front pages, opponents of the Islamist authorities continue to demonstrate and call for change. Videos and photos Clarion Project obtained from inside the Islamic republic show farmers demonstrating in the face of government security forces.

Thousands of farmers in eastern Isfahan rallied to protest the regime’s refusal to give them the right to water. Furious farmers parked their tractors on both sides of the road and moved towards the Varzaneh pumping station on the Yazd road. Farmers chanted:

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid we are all together”; “Anyone who demands their rights you call ‘a saboteur'”; “Shame on you with your management; Shame on you with your justice”; “Death to the irresponsible authorities.”

Eyewitnesses say riot police attacked the farmers to prevent them from approaching the water facility, using tear gas and bullets. some seven farmers were wounded.

The protests began a month ago but the violence hit new levels over the last couple of days.

Young Iranians from the nearby city Ezhieh set tires alight during a skirmish between a large crowd and state security forces. Reports indicate a protester drove a vehicle into a number of military  personnel stationed on the town bridge, leaving at least four injured.

One young protester fired a number of live rounds, injuring several security officers.




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Shahriar Kia

Shahriar Kia is a political analyst and member of Iranian opposition (PMOI/MEK). He graduated from North Texas University.

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