Indonesian Citizens Suffer Under Harsh Hudud Laws

A woman given 23 strokes of the cane just for reportedly standing too close to her boyfriend was one of 13 people caned on Monday in Indonesia’s Aceh province, according to The Daily Mail. A fourteenth person, a pregnant 22 year old, was sentenced to caning, but the sentence will be carried out after she gives birth.

Aceh province in Indonesia applies the hudud, punishments ordained by sharia which include canings and other corporal punishments for a range of offences such as physical intimacy between unmarried couples.

One of the men was caned for spending time in a private space with a woman to whom he was not married, which might have lead to adultery.

Meanwhile, on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, a gay couple who posted a picture of themselves kissing on Facebook was arrested under the country’s indecency laws. The couple said they posted the picture to prove their love. The caption read “With my dear lover tonight. May our love last forever.”

Even though homosexuality is legal, the picture is considered pornographic.

Indonesia is currently working on shutting down Grindr and 80 other gay websites to clampdown on what it considers indecency.

The couple was released on bail but may go to jail if convicted.

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