Meet ISIS’ Cleaners; Indians are Not Good Enough to Fight

Indian jihadists fighting for the Islamic State are not allowed to use weapons and fight, since ISIS commanders think they are too weak and frail to do so. Rather they are assigned menial jobs, cooking and cleaning for other fighters.

According to Indian news outlet One India, there are seven Indian jihadists in a camp in Syria. Only one has been allowed onto the battlefield.

ISIS claims it accepts any Muslim from anywhere in the world. Yet there is a clear racial hierarchy, with foreign fighters (other than Indians) prioritized over Syrians and Iraqis when it comes to pay and dividing up captured slave girls.   

Other jihadists who are allowed to handle weapons have executed 300 Iraqi civil servants in Mosul. Those killed worked for the Iraqi Supreme Electoral Commission prior to the takeover of Mosul by the Islamic State. 

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Hi, this may be interesting you: Meet ISIS' Cleaners; Indians are Not Good Enough to Fight! This is the link: https://clarionproject.org/indian-jihadists-not-allowed-fight-isis-clean-instead-9/