New Proof That Ilhan Omar Is Having an Affair

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is having an affair, according to new proof (Photo: Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images)
Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is having an affair, according to new proof (Photo: Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images)

New proof of that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is having an affair with her political aide Tim Mynett surfaced this week in the UK’s Daily Mail. The feature reported Congresswoman Ilhan Omar living a “double life” with her still-married aide. The report includes photos of the couple in D.C. where they’re suspected of having spent six days together in Ilhan Omar’s D.C. residence, along with photos of Mynett bringing back groceries that included alcohol.

The story drew fire from American Muslims — including Clarion Project’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi, veteran Iraqi-American journalist Dalia Al-Aqidi — that have been critical of Ilhan Omar using her faith identity to score political points, while privately living a life that violates the basic principles of that faith, like committing adultery.

Also noted was also the double standard. While Muslim Reformers are subject to intense criticism, Islamist figures like Omar skirt around the same critical public opinion because of their ideology.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, commented on how Islamists invoke the sharia-compliant rule for determining whether adultery as taken place, namely that evidence of adultery requires four witnesses. Islamists also ignore the evidence presented in Mynett’s divorce proceedings in which his wife cited the affair as grounds for divorce.

Counter-terrorism analyst and cultural commentator Oz Sultan also reflected on the allegations of an affair. He wrote an article on how the issue of unfaithful politicians and clergy is now a Muslim issue as well, citing Islamic scholar Nouman Ali Khan and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

While the continued Islamist support and fan fare of Ilhan Omar will no doubt continue — including her string of CAIR appearances — Sultan remarks on another largely overlooked point: While the American Muslim diaspora hails from 77 different countries and over a 100 different ethnic and racial divisions, American Muslims are by and large fiscally and socially conservative. The affair (even if unconfirmed according to Islamic standards) will have damaged Ilhan Omar’s reputation among this group of American Muslims who have just as much voting power as the Islamists.


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