Ilhan Omar Rages Anti-Semitism; Pelosi Whimpers ‘Apologize’

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump called on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to resign over her “terrible” anti-Semitic comments, calling her (latest) “apology” lame; House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi should do the same for sweeping Omar’s comments under the table with her equally lame tweet, “In our conversation today, Congresswoman Omar and I agreed that we must use this moment to move forward as we reject anti-Semitism in all forms.”

The tweet was accompanied by a statement by Pelosi and the leadership of the Democratic Party that termed Omar’s comments “deeply offensive” and “hurtful” and called on her to “immediately apologize.”

Yet nowhere in the statement is any mention of censure or acknowledgement of where these sentiments come from, as if an apology makes such deep-seated prejudices all better.

It’s a lame and failed strategy from a woman who is fast losing her grip on the Democratic Party she once commanded. Pelosi knows her days and the days of “moderate” Democrats are numbered. The rising stars in the party are the Far Left, Socialist and anti-Israel anti-Semites.

The proof of Pelosi’s failed strategy to reign in Omar is the fact that Omar keeps spewing similarly vile anti-Semitic remarks. Yes, she is pressured to apologize for them – if you call her latest words an apology: “Listening and learning, but standing strong.”

Notice in her “apology,” Omar even manages to claim victimhood for herself: “We have to always be willing to…think through criticism, just as I expect people to hear me when others attack me for my identity.”

That Omar’s apologies mean nothing is further evidenced by the fact that Omar is planning to deliver the keynote speech at a fundraiser for Islamic Relief USA, an organization heavily linked to Islamist terror financing.

Originally headlining the event with Omar was notorious anti-Semite Yousef Abdallah, who has been documented as

  • Calling Jews “stinking”
  • Sharing a “very beautiful story” about “martyrs” who provide guns to “kill more than 20 Jews” and “fire rockets at Tel Aviv”
  • Liking a comment on Facebook that called on God to wreak “revenge on the damned rapists Zionists…Shake the Earth beneath their feet and destroy them as you destroyed the peoples of Ād, Thamud and Lot.”

Within hours of The Jerusalem Post breaking the story about Omar and Abdallah’s joint appearance, Omar’s PR team must have gone into high gear. The event’s marketing materials and online invitations were changed, editing out Abdallah from the program.

You can see screenshots of the original invitation by clicking here.

Yet the fact remains that Omar will still be speaking for an organization that, among other documented terror connections:

  • The Swedish government says is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood
  • The Tunisian government is investigating for possible funding of jihadists on the Libyan border
  • Congress, the FBI and the IRS are investigating for terror connections

Politicians rarely make spontaneous decisions. They plan their moves carefully for maximum media coverage, appeal to constituents and, as is the case with members of the House of Representatives who face elections every two years, with a constant eye on fundraising.

As one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress – and as the first Somali one — Omar had the opportunity to present herself as a shining example of her community. Instead, she has continually – one could say compulsively — exposed the ugly side of some Muslim communities that view Jews “as notorious conspirators not worth trusting, even not worth treating with human dignity.”

For those who would argue that Omar is being scrutinized and held to a different standard because of her faith, origin and gender, one need only imagine the consequences to a white, male, Christian congressman who spewed on social media the worst racist stereotypes against, say, the black or Hispanic community.

He wouldn’t be in Congress for long. The fact that Omar might be does not bode well for the Democratic Party or the future of America.



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