British ISIS Fighters in Turkey Threaten Europe

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Three-hundred British ISIS fighters are believed to have escaped Syria and Iraq and are holed-up in Turkey.

The jihadis pose a particular threat to Europe during the holiday season after ISIS called for attacks on New Year’s Eve.

In a chilling video, ISIS called for “lone-wolf” attacks on celebrations, particularly on the banks of the River Thames where 250,000 people traditionally gather to watch fireworks heralding the new year.

Watch a clip of the ISIS video calling for attacks on New Year’s celebrations:

London police are planning on making fixed entry points along the Thames this year, where bags and IDs will be checked.

The video, made by the terror group’s affiliate in Somalia, shows trains derailing, bombs exploding and other images of carnage interspersed with Westerners drinking alcohol, a substance forbidden by Islam.

Authorities warned revelers to be vigilant across Europe.

“The exodus [of British jihadis] began after Mosul [in Iraq] fell and continued after [ISIS] lost Raqqa [their self-declared ‘capital’ in Syria],” said Ciwan Xhalil, a Kurdish intelligence officer who serves as a liaison to Western intelligence agencies keeping track of their fighters, in an interview with The Times. “We have lots of French in our jails and scores of other nationals but we think most of the British have escaped.”

Earlier this year, the European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies  reported that ISIS was active in refugee camps in Turkey brainwashing women and children into becoming suicide bombers in Europe.

Other media reports told of how ISIS pays smugglers to bring child refugees out of the camps to be drafted into their fighting forces.


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