How Much Info Should Be Given During Security Threat?

(Illustrative photo: Trailersoftheeastcoast/Flikr/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)
(Illustrative photo: Trailersoftheeastcoast/Flikr/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Here are the results of our poll about how much information you would like to be told by authorities if there is a security incident in your town.

A little background: While an online threat of an ISIS attack in Easton, Pennsylvania was being investigated by local law enforcement and the FBI, some residents of the city were kept in the dark.

The mayor said that those who needed to know were informed in real time, but a decision was made to limit information being given to the general public to prevent general panic. The mayor’s decision prompted much discussion on online forums.

The incident began May 5 when Jafar Saleem (Brendan) tweeted about “several pipe bombs, pressure cookers and nail bombs around the [Lafayette College] campus and plan(s) to inflict the utmost damage possible.”

What made the mayor’s decision controversial was that the college not only has a campus but also buildings in the city.

Staff and students were informed and told to find shelter, but residents of nearby areas were intentionally not informed of the threat.

This prompted us to ask our readers: What do you want to be told during a security incident in your town?

Here are the results of our poll with comments following:

  • 54.6 percent said, “Everything. It’s my right.”
  • 11 percent said, “Nothing. Let the authorities handle this and prevent panic.”
  • 6 percent said, “Just information that is deemed relevant to me by the authorities.”
  • 38.4 percent said, “As much as possible once it is clear the threat is real.”



Let us know. That is why we have the Second Amendment, so we can protect ourselves if the authorities are not able to.

I want to be informed in real time.

As an American living in NYC, I have very strong feelings about this. I believe citizens have a right to know if there is a clear and present danger in their communities. NOT sharing this kind of threat information can cost lives!

Why should only officials have the right to prepare their own defense? Isn’t my family important?

Panic is almost as good as a bomb. Don’t give them that result.

There is far too much “secrecy” in government at all levels. It’s getting worse and not better and being treated as if we are children is part of the result. The CAUSE is government which is NOT representing the people who pay the taxes to keep them in operation.

We are Americans in a free state. We can take care of ourselves.

I have an obligation to protect my loved ones. God help the “so called official” who would harm any of them by withholding critical information.

Let the proper authorities make the decision as to who should know what and when. Releasing the wrong information may be hazardous to many. Remember the poster during the war that said, “Loose lips sink ships?” Let the Feds handle this, not the storytellers.

This is just another way that politicians refuse to allow the public to be informed of what is going on worldwide. They continue to hide the truth about a belief system that is determined to destroy the infidel.

I don’t see it as my right to know everything. In this case, covering up for terrorists is wrong. Expose them for what they are.

The fact that our officials decide what they think we need to know disturbs me. I do not like someone else telling me snippets after they censor information.

Why keep the ones that live nearby in the dark?? Are they not the ones that pay for it?



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