How Much for a Chemical Hit? ISIS Notebook Rewards List

As coalition troops move into former Islamic State (IS) strongholds, artifacts documenting the brutal terror group’s modus operandi have been found. One such document was uncovered in an underground structure, reported by  Sky News correspondent John Sparks in Bashiqa, Iraq.

Stashed among official papers, religious texts and personal diaries was a notebook apparently used to motivate fighters by listing military activities and their corresponding rewards for completion.

“Large sums were given for the destruction of enemy aircraft. Those firing rockets or mortars carrying chemical weapons were compensated for each individual munition and fighters faced bureaucracy when making their claims. 

“Interestingly, IS seemed to rate the death of an enemy soldier more highly than the propaganda value of capturing one alive,” Sparks writes.  

The rewards, listed as simple bullet points, were as follows:

  • Plane, helicopter or drone: seven golden dinars to the unit or individual which shoots it down 
  • Tank: seven golden dinars
  • Armored vehicle: four golden dinars
  • Other vehicles: two golden dinars
  • Snipers: one dinar if it is filmed or half a dinar with a witness
  • Hit any military target: one silver dirham on condition of footage or a witness
  • Using chemical weapons through mortars and rockets: 10 silver dirhams per rocket/mortar
  • Killing an apostate or "unbelieving" soldier: 10 silver dirhams (killing in any way except by sniper)
  • Capturing an apostate or "unbelieving" solider: one silver dirham

Fighters were told to apply to their unit leaders "with the details of what he achieved with filmed evidence or witnesses." 

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