How Many Methods of Islamist Radicalization Remain Hidden

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Many would not agree with my statement that Islamic radicalization is a hidden and still an ignored phenomenon especially in the West.

This is especially true as these terrorists are adapting newer and newer techniques and ways to influence and hence pollute the upcoming young minds.

The West has made a grievous mistake by allowing these Islamic extremists to settle, grow and even prosper on its soil in the name of human rights, and freedom of speech and liberty.

Most of the focus has been on the mosques and other religious gathering places, but that is not the whole side of the story. Living in Europe for only six months until now, I see many types of Islamic radicalization growing in new, systematic and subtle ways, unheard of via newspapers.

Mostly the Muslim educated class has adopted these ways. I will only focus on only one: the university faculty members, who radicalize their students in a very systematic way.

These faculty members, settled in the West, make groups based on community, ethnicity or cultural backgrounds and poison the newly admitted youth using the excuse of helping and guiding them out in a new country and environment.

Subtly and gradually, they turn these youth against Western culture and civilization and install the feelings of hate in them against all those adhering to Western culture, values and thinking.

With the passage of time, the youth feel alienated from their new country’s culture and look to their self-proclaimed “godfathers” as the source of inspiration and motivation.

The West must be aware of this process and find ways to rout out these extremist professors.


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