How Many Islamists Are There in Europe?

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Police escort concert goers from the site of the Ariana Grande concert following a terror attack.
(Photo: Dave Thompson/Getty Images)

More than 150 suspected jihadis and other criminals have had their British citizenship revoked and will not be allowed to return to the UK, according to The Sunday Times. More than 850 British citizens traveled to Syria to join jihadi groups, of which around half returned, according to government sources.

Ministers used “deprivation orders” to remove the rights of 40 people to a passport this year alone, including 30 since March.

Given it is against international law to leave someone stateless, all those whose passports have been revoked are also citizens of other countries.

So how many extremists are there in the rest of Europe? Clarion investigated a cross-spectrum of countries to find out. This chart includes official estimates of numbers who hold to the Islamist political ideology, but are rough estimates since charting such numbers accurately is very difficult. Furthermore each country’s government’s may use different criteria to determine who is considered an extremist.

Islamists in Europe
Islamists in Europe

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