How Far Will Iran Go to Poke the American Bear in the Gulf?

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Just how far will Iran go to provoke the American bear in the Gulf? Right now, Iranian attacks on American ally Saudi Arabia (carried out through Iran’s proxies in Yemen, the Houthis) are escalating at an alarming pace. Yesterday, the Houthis fired a cruise missile at the Abha Airport located outside the Saudi city of Khamis-Mushait , injuring 26, including three women and two children, in the arrivals terminal.

They are vowing to hit every airport in Saudi Arabia.

This attack follows a series of recent attacks claimed by the Houthis — hits on Saudi oil tankers in a United Arab Emirates port, hits on strategic Saudi oil pumping stations, hits on a Saudi ammunition depot in a military airport.

Is Iran trying to draw Saudi Arabia into a war and, if so, what will be the U.S.’ response?

Listen to a discussion of these events by Clarion Editor Meira Svirsky and Clarion’s Arab Affairs Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ran Meir:



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