How a Topless Model Was Groomed to Be a Jihadi Bride

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(Illustrative photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)
(Illustrative photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

This is the story of radicalization and just how easy it is, given the right person in the right circumstances. Two years ago, Clarion Project reported on this story. Here is the follow-up, with a much better ending:

Two years ago, down and out after her finance left her soon after their baby died from a rare complication, young British model Kimberley Miners was vulnerable.

She turned up on the radar of jihadi recruiters from ISIS after expressing her desire to help child refugees from Syria after a holiday in Turkey where she was exposed to their suffering.

The recruiters bombarded her with videos, propaganda photos and promises of marriage.

“I was pretty lost,” she said, remembering that time in her life. She also admitted to being “stupid.”

“I wanted to do something so badly [for the children],” she recalled. “These people befriended me, I felt accepted.”

She changed her name to Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya and converted to Islam. Once a topless model, she posted in a selfie wearing a burqa.

But Miners also showed up on the radar of MI5, who were monitoring her conversations with ace recruiter Naweed Hussain, also from the UK and her “groom-to-be.”

Miners was eventually arrested. She said until she was shown the bomb-making instructions that were sent to her, she really hadn’t realized what was happening to her.

“It wasn’t until I got arrested, I realized I actually I was bait,” she said. “They knew the right things to say to me, which I fell for.”

She also found out that Hussain was grooming another 10 British women to be jihadis as well.

She is now spending time telling her story, which hopefully will help others not to fall into the same trap.



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