Hezbollah Flags on London Streets

The annual Al Quds Day Parade saw hundreds demonstrate in central London on June 18 against Israel. Al Quds Day was conceived by the founder of the Iranian Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 as a day of protest against the existence of Israel and in solidarity with the Palestinians.

They chanted “from the river to the sea , Palestine will be free.” Some carried placards reading “We Are All Hezbollah: Boycott Israel.”

This year’s protest in London was organized by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC). The IHRC is an extremist-linked organization, which previously gave an “Islamophobe of the Year” award to Charlie Hebdo in the year that its journalists were murdered for drawing a cartoon of the founder of Islam, Mohammed.

An IHRC news release advertising the event reminded attendees that “participants are welcome to bring flags that show solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Flags of proscribed (illegal) organizations will not be allowed. For example, you can bring a Hezbollah flag to show support for the political wing of Hezbollah. This is because the political wing of Hezbollah is not a proscribed organization.”

Despite a petition of 23,000 people calling on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to close down the march, he declined to do so saying he did not have the authority. As long as marchers obey the law, he said, it must be allowed to proceed.

A counter-demonstration organized by a coalition of British Jewish groups under the banner “Stand Against Hate” had several hundred people in attendance.

They chanted “terrorists off our streets” and shouted “murderers” at the Al Quds Day demonstrators.

Terror survivor Kay Wilson addresses the counter-demonstration: 



Elliot Friedland
Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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