Here’s Another NYC Public School ‘Supporting Terrorism’

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"Peaceful" protests in the Gaza border organized by the terror organization Hamas (Photo: MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images)
“Peaceful” protests on the Gaza border organized by the terror organization Hamas (Photo: MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images)

In what appears to be an alarming trend growing among NYC public schools, students attending Brooklyn’s Midwood High School were recently used as instruments to advocate terrorism when they were targeted for the distribution of Hamas propaganda claiming to pay tribute to the “Palestinian victims of violence in Gaza.”

On May 23, 2018 following a related incident previously reported at The Beacon School in Manhattan, large numbers of Midwood students donned the Palestinian black and white chequered keffiyeh on their heads as well as scarves around their necks displaying the colors of the Palestinian flag which were boldly inscribed with the word “Palestine.”

The enthusiasm for this event was so great that several teachers complained of students bursting into their classrooms disrupting lessons to obtain the scarves from others who were supplying them.

This “tribute” was intended to show support for so-called “peaceful protests” occurring on the Gaza border with Israel which, according to Gaza’s Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, were actually organized as violent riots meant to infiltrate Israel and commit as many acts of murder and kidnapping as possible.

After Israel repeatedly warned protestors not to approach the fence, a number of threatening protesters were killed, inciting the usual condemnations of “civilian deaths” (despite admissions by Hamas officials themselves that 52 of the 60 people martyred “were with Hamas”).

In the days that have followed, Hamas has encouraged youngsters in Gaza to carry out cross-border arson attacks against Israeli farmers using flaming kites. The terror group has also fired the largest mortar barrage in years at southern Israeli towns.

Jewish students and teachers at Midwood reported feeling intimidated and threatened at seeing such widespread support for an organization that promotes anti-Semitism and violence against Jews as well as idolizes genocide.

“I was paralyzed by shock and fear,” remarked one teacher. “I simply couldn’t believe this was happening at public high school in the United States. My mother is a Holocaust survivor who fled to this country to escape this very same poison which resulted in the murder of our entire family.”

Another teacher commented, “I don’t believe these students are any more aware of the anti-Semitic canard they’re espousing than were the innocent youth recruited by Hitler.”

Both these teachers have chosen to withhold their names for reasons of personal safety as well as fear of professional reprisal.

This raises many questions that beg to be asked, such as who is organizing this activity, since the students are receiving large supplies of keffiyehs and scarves from some source that seeks to manipulate them. Moreover, why is this source — which promotes an ideology of violence, hatred and antisemitism — being allowed unimpeded access to our children in a tax-payer funded public school? Why is the mayor, not to mention other administrators from the NYC Department of Education, not speaking up?

This is not the first attempt in a NYC public school to manipulate our youth into accepting an age old anti-Semitic canard under a new guise, nor is it likely to be the last. If anything, it appears to be the start of a new and growing movement across the country.

Unless the matter is addressed, students will interpret the silence as approval and the flames of hatred, hidden under the false mask of “humanitarianism,” will spread their destruction until it’s too late.

Do you know of other incidents of support for terrorism in the classroom? Please tell us your story. Write to us or send us a podcast audio or video by clicking here.



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