Supermarket Stabber Was Jihadi After All

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Ahmad A., who killed one and injured six in a jihadi attack in a supermarket in Hamburg, Germany
Ahmad A., who killed one and injured six in a jihadi attack in a supermarket in Hamburg, Germany (Photo: Srdjan Suki-Pool/Getty Images)

An asylum seeker in Germany whose application was turned down admitted his deadly attack in a Hamburg supermarket was part of his radical Islamist ideologyBreitbart reported.

Ahmad A., as he is identified in the Germany court where his trial is ongoing, stabbed a 50-year-old man to death and injured six in July 2017 while yelling “Allahu Akbar [God is greatest]!” Even though the police had him under investigation for being an Islamist, they blamed his actions at the time on mental illness.

Yet Ahmad, who pleaded guilty to the all the charges against him, told the court the attack was part of his jihad and he was trying to kill as many Christians as possible.  The German news outlet Hamburger Morgenpost reported his lawyer declared, “He made this decision as a contribution to the global jihad.”

At his trial, it was also revealed investigators found a homemade Islamic State flag in his room, a fact that had been previously withheld from the public.

Ahmad, a 26-year-old Palestinian who was born in the United Arab Emirates, claimed he came to Germany to study dentistry. He was not deported after his application was denied, even though the German government had the option to send him to Norway. However, since the relevant government agency did not file his paperwork in time, he was allowed to stay.



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