Hamas Using Surreptitious European Platforms for Funding, Legitimacy

A pro-Muslim Brotherhood stand at a conference organized by the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (Photo: JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)

Hamas is using surreptitious European platforms and organizations to raise funds and promote its legitimacy, according to an expose published by the Times of Israel.

“One almost quintessential example of such activity under innocent-seeming cover is the Global Anti-Aggression Campaign,” writes Avi Issacharoff in the Times. Naturally, the group does not openly identify with Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas’ parent organization).

Issacharoff quotes expert Dr. Ehud Rosen who describes another group that provides cover and financing to Hamas, the Federation of Islamic Organization in Europe (FIOE).

“Thirty-seven different groups in different countries on the continent operate under that organization, and over the years have created an image for themselves as ‘the legitimate representatives’ — the Islamic mainstream. The group is known as IGD in Germany and UOIF in France. The same thing is going on in Scandinavia and almost everywhere.”

These groups model themselves after the Brotherhood and Hamas, engaging in dawa, proselytizing about Islam while at the same time providing funds for Hamas.

“These organizations are run by well-known figures who head madrasas, or Muslim schools; mosques; charitable organizations that raise money not only for Muslims in Europe but also for Hamas; and even student associations in every well-known university in Europe.

“Recently, Muslim ‘human rights’ groups have been established that work to strengthen support for the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas,” Rosen said.

The European country that hosts the most pro-Hamas activity is Britain. A number of prominent figures operate there, including Anas Altikriti,the son of a high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood official from Iraq who visited Barack Obama in the White House two years ago.

One of the founders of Hamas’ military wing in the disputed territories of Israel, Muhammad Sawalha, also lives in London, as does a former Hamas operative from Hamas, Zaher Birawi.

And the list goes on.

These operatives organize conferences attended by thousands of Arabs and Palestinians from all over the world. Most of the organizers have been members of the Brotherhood or Brotherhood-affiliated groups in Europe for decades.

Their goal is to promote Hamas as the legitimate voice of the Palestinian people. At the same time, they are creating a global infrastructure for Hamas, as well as a convenient line of funding for the terror organization.

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