Great Video! Saudi Woman’s Parody Rap on Driving

Saudi singer Leesa A raps about women driving (Photo: video screenshot)
Saudi singer Leesa A raps about women driving (Photo: video screenshot)

A Saudi woman singer has made a parody rap video celebrating the fact that woman have just been granted the right to drive in the kingdom. The YouTube video on her account, Leesa A, has garnered close to a million views. More than a million have seen the rap on driving on her Instagram account.

The lyrics of the first minute were translated in the comments section on YouTube by Skoor_ksa:

Do you think I’m joking?



I think you forgot

I think you forgot

Yo, you seem to be forgetting that

Today is the 10th[of the month of Shawwal, when women can start driving]

That means no need for taxis

The steering wheel in my hands

I smash the pedal under my foot

I won’t need anyone to drive me

I’ll help myself by myself

I’ve got the driver’s license ready with me

So put the seat belt on the abaya [the long cloak Saudi women must wear]

And keep an eye on the sidewalks and the other on the mirror

R is for going back, D is for going

Seeda [straight]

Watch out for every car

If it was a Ford or Cressida

Your life won’t be great

Come! Pick me up! Take me there!

Bring me back!

That’ll ruin the plan

If you want me to come pick you up,

You gotta pay up

Gas money! Don’t underestimate it!

Debt! If you pay or don’t that’s still debt

“Careful, don’t slam the door hard”

That was before

Now if you slam it hard, I’ll tie you with the seat belt

Watch the rap on driving video:



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