Poll Results: Gov’t Terror Watchlist Should Be Shared

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(Photo: U.S. Air Force)
(Illustrative photo: U.S. Air Force)

In response to the federal government admitting it shares its terror watchlist with private entities, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Muslims challenging the constitutionality of the government’s use of the list.

At present, the list is shared with more than 1,400 entities, all of which are connected to the criminal justice system, for example, police forces at private universities, hospital security staff and private correctional facilities.

Given the very real threat of terrorism, there is always a question a society must answer as to where to strike the balance between keeping the country’s citizens safe and their right to privacy and personal liberty.

We asked you, our readers, if you agreed or disagreed with private sector entities involved in criminal justice having access to the government’s terror watchlist database.

Here are the results of our poll (your comments follow):

  • 83.38 percent said “Yes, the private sector should have access to the list.”
  • 16.62 percent said “No, the private sector should not have access to the list.”


Your history and old activities matter.

Querying this list as needed would be useful, for example, in selling a person a gun, certain chemicals, etc.

The watch list could be inaccurate, putting innocent people in harm’s way.

Too easily obtained by anyone.

No, unless all entities involved can be held civilly liable for false information!!!

We should all have it.

This list helps us keep our country safe. If you have nothing to hide you don’t have to worry.

Law enforcement alone cannot prevent these attacks. The NYPD Shield unit frequently liaisons and trains the private sector to prevent future attacks

These people are out there. Our citizenry does not need to be ignorant and unsuspecting.

Yes, they should have lots more to keep them out of the USA.

The more people who aware of who the potential terrorists are, the more eyes are on their activities, and the more lives are saved.

If someone is considered a terrorist risk or has exhibited anti-social or government tendencies, no matter who they are should be shared with everyone.

Americans have lost liberty and freedom. Not only in air travel but in many other ways. We are human which makes our society imperfect. We complain that our government is reactive and not proactive.  As long as the government is held accountable for their actions, and those to whom these terror lists are shared with can question and can help cross check the terror list, it is the best solution we currently have.

Anything to avoid jihadists on our soil.

Yes, As an urgent measure of public safety.

The more transparency, the safer our country will be.

What good is a list if it is not used?

Wasn’t this the big gripe about 9/11 — that gov’t agencies didn’t share terrorist data with other entities? Of course it should be shared. But the gov’t should clean up its process by which it places people on the list and provide means by which people can appeal the listing.

The numbers of such people speak loudly, there MUST be a reckoning. If anything, the list should be shared MORE broadly.

Criminal justice entities are the public’s front-line defenders after terrorists rubber meets the road.

Only if people have access to their rating, similar to how they can check credit ratings and apply to correct errors.

Not only should the list be shared with the private sector, it should be published on the front pages of every major market newspaper. Then lawsuits should be made easier against the government to limit the use of the list to real threats not just anybody that stumbles onto it. That should limit the list to real threats.

Terrorists in America are a lot worse than government statements!!

As long as the watch list is well vetted with accurate info.

There should be a conduit for improving the accuracy of the list, but absolutely, anyone making decisions should have access.

 It is like a fiscal background check when applying for a loan, often the same name appears, and a person is allowed to show how it isn’t him or her.

The fight against terrorism demands a united, well-coordinated effort. Information must be shared.

Would you rather they not know and allow a known terrorist to work at an airport as a baggage handler? Oh…wait.



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