Girl Forced to Walk Naked to ‘Restore Honor’

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bare feet
(Photo: Nicola Romagna / flickr)


Armed men forced a girl to parade naked through her village in Pakistan to “restore the honor” of their family.

The girl was targeted after her brother had an affair with the wife of one of the men. She was taken in broad daylight by a group of men, who cut off her clothes with scissors and forced walk through the streets of in the village of Chaudhuan, according to local residents.

The police arrested eight of the men and are looking for the ninth. According to eye witnesses, the girl was forced to continue on this “walk of shame” for an hour before the men released her.

Family honor is paramount in Pakistan, with teenage girls often forced to “pay” for the crimes of their male relatives. Every year, at least 1,000 women are reported killed by their relatives for violating the perceived honor of the family.



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