Get CAIR to disclose Members of Congress Supporting Them

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The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently claimed that  “120+” members of Congress sent the Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization letters “welcoming” their 25th anniversary gala scheduled for November 9 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Washington, D.C.

However, CAIR did not disclose the names on this list. A thorough Google search also came up blank.

Did these 120+ Congress people send the Islamist organization letters of support? Please join us in our campaign to get CAIR to disclose the list.

Please write to CAIR and ask them to publish the list.

You can copy and paste our letter below and send it to CAIR by clicking here. (This link takes you to CAIR’s home page. At the bottom of the page, there is a place to write CAIR a message.) CAIR states its goal is to reply within 24-48 hours.

Dear CAIR,

You recently claimed that 120+ members of Congress sent letters to you welcoming your upcoming 25th anniversary gala in Washington, D.C.

Can you please send me a list of those Congress people?


Please tell us if you get a response by clicking Contact Clarion Project.



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