Germany, Malaysia Make ISIS-Linked Arrests

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While ISIS may be in territorial decline in the Middle East, the search continues elsewhere for its operatives, recruiters and supporters. Germany and Malaysia just announced the arrests of Islamic State-linked terror suspects.

In the German case, Berlin security personnel arrested three men who were planning on traveling to train and fight with ISIS. German police officers said there was no evidence the men were preparing to launch an imminent attack inside Germany.

Officers also raided a mosque in the city thought to be used by Fussilet 33, an organization that allegedly recruits for ISIS.

Malaysian police officers arrested three men in separate raids, among them a man who used Facebook to announce he was planning a bombing in the country’s capital Kuala Lumpur.

Another suspect worked as a security guard for Malaysia Airlines.

There have been some 250 arrests in the country for ISIS-related activities since 2013.

Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines just announced a new pact to tackle Islamic state:

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