German Architect: Demolish Churches, Build Mosques

A prominent German architect has argued that the key to integration of Muslim immigrants in Germany is to build mosques, while at the same time demolishing churches.

Joaquim Reinig’s remarks were published in an interview with Die Tageszeitung and reported in English by Breitbart

Reinig said that essential to integration is that immigrants should “have no fear” that their new country is asking them “to lose their identity in this society.”

The building of mosques, particularly the “visible minaret,” he says, sends this “message to the migrants.”

Reinig believes that the mosques are a positive influence on migrants, taking on the vital role of community workers.

Speaking about the previous influx of Turkish immigrants, who came to Germany as temporary workers, Reinig said that when they came, they were “relatively secular,” but when they decided to stay, they “remembered “their religion.

“The desire to become a German citizen and the activation of their faith ran parallel,” he said.

Breitbart notes that Reinig remarks come “after a report this month revealed that half of Turks in Germany regard Islamic law supreme over German laws and that young people are the most devout.”

Although Reinig says there is plenty of room for mosques in Hamburg – “theoretically 50 locations – he recommends demolishing churches rather than converting them.

Breitbart reports that Reinig “noted that around three per cent of Christians in Germany, 23,000 people, attend church in the region compared to the 17,000 Muslims who currently attend mosques in Hamburg.”

Reinig said he does not anticipate that other faiths will have a problem with his proposals.

“Jews, Christians and Muslims, as members of Abrahamic religions, are theologically brothers and sisters,” he said. “They have many similarities so should have no fear.”