Going to Stab Someone? Make Sure You Dress Smart!

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In an apparent quest for Palestinian stabbers to be fashionable at all times, a clothing store in Gaza is advising murderers about the trendiest looks to be sporting while killing Jews.

Mannequins displayed outside of the store clutch knives while dressed in camouflage, balaclavas and scarves printed with Palestinian flags.  Note that the name of the store is Hitler. 

Since the latest round of attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, which began at the end of October, 11 Israelis have been killed – mostly through stabbings — in close to 80 incidents. In addition, more than 850 stone-throwing attacks have been documented as well as over 370 incidents involving the throwing of Molotov cocktails.

Palestinian media incitement is well-documented, including the fiery rhetoric and actions of the Palestinian Authority and its chairman, Mahmoud Abbas.

Most recently, according to orders from Abbas, all terrorists whose bodies are returned by Israel will receive military funerals with all the accompanying fanfare. He has also sanctioned the waving Hamas flags at the funerals.

Abbas also ordered that families of the terrorists will be paid generous sums of money.


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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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