Fresh Investigation Into ‘Kill Ahmadis’ London Mosque

A statutory inquiry has been launched into a mosque accused of extremism in London. Leaflets calling for the killing of members of the minority Ahmadiyya sect of Islam were reportedly found in the Stockwell Green Mosque in London, according to a BBC investigation in April.

The BBC says it found a stack of leaflets calling for members of the Ahmadi sect to convert to mainstream Islam or be killed. Ahmadis are regarded as heretics by many mainstream Muslim sects due to their belief that their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, was the second coming of Jesus and the Messiah.

Finding the leaflets prompted the attention of the Charity Commission, who began looking at the mosque and how it is being run more generally. Once they started digging, they say, they discovered other alarming irregularities.

The visits identified serious regulatory concerns regarding how the charity is being managed including indications of poor governance, risks to charity property due to poor financial management and the trustees carrying out activities outside of the charity’s stated object,” the Charity Commission said in a statement outlining what they found following visits in April and May.

The Charity Commission is now launching a statutory investigation into the mosque and how it is run. This investigation will look at whether or not the mosque is complying with Britain’s charity laws. Depending on what they find, Stockwell Green Mosque could end up losing their charitable status.

We have not published any pamphlet of that kind,” mosque trustee Toaha Qureshi told the BBC at the time of the original investigation. “This is nothing to do with our mosque. Someone might have put it there and taken from there with malicious intentions."

Britain was shocked earlier this year when a shopkeeper named Asad Shah, belonging to the Ahmadiyya sect, was murdered by an Islamist who accused him of “disrespecting Muhammed” in March.

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