Free-For-All Violence in the US: How Will It End?

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Souvenirs and electronics lay scattered in a shop in Times Shop after a night of violence (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
Souvenirs and electronics lay scattered in a shop in Times Square after a night of violence (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)

The recent threat of Antifa along with other extremist groups rolling into suburbs of New York (see below) may have been fake news launched by a Far Right group, but these groups have managed to kickstart all-out violence and looting in major American cities.

Talk show host and conservative personality Meghan McCain, also a New Yorker, calls New York a war zone.

The managing editor of Human Events, Ian Miles Cheong, tweeted a secretly recorded video of the street violence in New York City. It’s a horrific scene with simultaneous chaotic acts of violence by thugs and criminals who are getting a free pass under the city’s “leadership.”

Recently, Clarion Project shared a photo of residents of Long Island, New York, waiting in line for close to five hours to purchase a gun to protect themselves. The photo went viral on Twitter, remarkable because the community is not characterized as gun aficionados.

The violence green-lighted by Antifa and ignored or supported by Democratic politicians and the mainstream media for years, is now threatening to encroach quiet American neighborhoods, even if it’s not Antifa directly at this point. A Staten Island resident who has asked to remain anonymous contacted Clarion Project today with a circulating threat targeting nine New York suburbs effective June 3, 2020.

The alert — complete with multiple fist pump emoticons like we see shared by socialists and an Islamist congresswoman — also reads, “If your not the cause you are against us!!”

It’s unconfirmed whether the threat is another hoax or a call to draw in rioters and looters. Our source, a single mother with a small child, decided to flee her home for fear of not being able to defend herself or her young family against a mob. Out of respect for her wishes, we won’t be sharing the riot alert as inadvertent advertisement for violence.

“A substantial minority of people sort of no longer believe in the foundation or the justness of the country. Where we go from here is a pretty scary place,” – David Reaboi.

“[They believe] the [American] system has to come down,” explains Reaboi, a senior vice president at Security Studies Group, in an interview with Al Arabiya in which he describes what Antifa activists want. What was once a protest against brutal police violence is now a protest against the American nation.

Reaboi has long pointed to an inevitable civil war driven by identity politics:

“We are in a very complicated time, and while we can be nuanced issue to issue, there is a bigger overarching crisis that we need to be focused on as Americans before anything else. We need to get riots and emotion under control ASAP because there is a broader sinister movement that’s hijacking protests, outrage, and genuine human empathy.

That is how extremist groups like Antifa have been operating, and often under the cover of Democratic Socialists and celebrity politicians like ‘The Squad’ who continued to turn a blind eye to violence long before George Floyd was murdered. These are not just anarchists. They are nihilists. When a group like Antifa and its supporters gets full control, they will burn it all, even the good intentions.”

In June 2019, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other members of “The Squad” refused to condemn an attack on an ICE detention facility initiated by an Antifa activist. Similar targeted violence erupted for at least five days straight after then-candidate Trump won the 2016 presidential election.



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