France Shuts Down Three Radical Mosques

Three radical mosques in France have been shut down by the French government in the wake of the investigation of the Islamist terror attack that claimed 130 lives in Paris Nov.13.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said it was the first time mosques were closed in France “on grounds of radicalization.”

A raid on one of the mosques outside Paris in Lagny-sur-Marne, which also contained an unauthorized Quranic school, yielded a 9 mm revolver, a computer hard disc and jihadist propaganda. One person was arrested, nine were placed under house arrest and another 22 were prohibited from leaving the country.

The other two mosques were located in Lyon and Gennevilliers.

In connection with the investigation, French police have seized 334 weapons.

Radicalization in mosques offers fertile ground for recruitment for terrorist operations. Clarion Project has identified 80 Islamist organizations including mosques in the United States that have a history of radical activities. These organizations include :

To see if there is a radical Islamist organization or mosque near you, click on Clarion’s Islamist Organizations in America project.


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