Kill Them All: France on French ISIS Fighters

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An Iraqi counter terrorism forces member stands guard in the Mosul. (Photo: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE / AFP / Getty Images)

The question of what to do with captured ISIS fighters has vexed many European countries who have nationals fighting for the terrorist group. With the fall of Raqqa, the de facto ISIS capital and reports of 400 ISIS fighters surrendering, that question has become more urgent.

France has a simple solution, as reported in The Times of Israel: Kill them.

“We are committed along with our allies to the destruction of Daesh (Islamic State) and we’re doing everything to that end,” French Defense Minister Florence Parly told reporters. “What we want is to go to the end of this combat and of course if jihadists die in the fighting, then I’d say it’s for the best.”

This fits with reports of previous French policy. When asked if the government of Emmanuel Macron would continue French policy of killing ISIS fighters with French citizenship, French government spokesman Christophe Castaner told reporters, “I say to all fighters who join the Islamic State group and then go abroad to wage war that waging war brings risks, and they must accept those risks.” 

The Times of Israel also reported an understanding between the Iraqi army and the French to kill any French citizens fighting for ISIS that are caught: “We will prevent as much as possible any French person leaving Mosul alive,” said Abdelghani al-Assadi, a top commander in the Counter-Terrorism Service, quoted by Paris Match. “Our aim is to kill them so that no one from Daesh can flee.”



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