French Correspondent Sexually Assaulted in Tahrir Square

The Associated Press reports yet another savage attack on a female correspondent near Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Sonia Dridi, a reporter for France 24 TV, was “seized by a crowd” Friday night at a protest at the square. She was later rescued by her colleague Ashraf Khalil.

Khalil reported that as the crowd closed in on him and Dridi, he held Dridi in a “bear hug,” as she was being attacked until they were able to escape into a restaurant with a metal door. From there, they quickly jumped into a car as some of the attackers continued to bang on their car until they were able to speed away.  

"The crowd surged in and then it went crazy, Khalil told the AP. He estimated that at least 30 men were involved in the attack.

 The network refrained from giving details of the attack, but was working along with the French embassy to bring Dridi back to France.

The attack follows a series of attacks on female correspondents in Egypt about which has reported. See Brutal Sexual Assault Marks ‘Celebration’ of Morsi’s Victory which documents the assault on CBS’s senior foreign correspondent Laura Logan in Tahrir Square as well as the assault on British journalist Natasha Smith.

Sexual assault and harassment are endemic to Egypt. Attacks have surged along with the street protests connected with the Arab Spring.

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