Four Gruesome Stories This Week

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(Photo: LOUAI BESHARA / AFP / Getty Images)

Every week, terrible stories come out of the world of radical Islam. Here are just four gruesome stories that took place over the last few days.

Christians ‘Brutally Attacked’ During Bible Study

A Muslim mob reportedly attacked Christians participating in a bible study at a migrant camp in Greece. Some 30-40 people threatened the Christians with knives and beat the men leaving two of them hospitalized. The Christians are now living away from the camp for their own safety.


Hezbollah Tortures Mother and Daughter

A disturbing video has emerged of what appear to be Hezbollah fighters torturing a mother and daughter, both refugees in Syria.


ISIS Kills Family Returning From Wedding

ISIS gunmen killed seven members of a family as they returned home from a wedding in Iraq. The terrorists separated the men from the women and children and killed the adult males on the spot in full view of their family members.


Locals: Iranian Intelligence Kills Sunni Preacher

Gunmen killed Sunni preacher Abed el-Shakour Kard outside a mosque in Khash, Iran. Some locals said Iranian intelligence was behind this attack. Kard was very popular and came from a family of well-known imams.



Christians Under Threat in German Refugee Centers

Iranian Support for Terrorism

WARNING Graphic Video: ISIS Executions Resume


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