Five Things To Know About the Stockholm Attack

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A terrorist attack in Stockholm killed four people and injured at  least 15 others on April 7. The terrorist deliberately attempted to hit young children, according to eyewitness reports.

While no group has claimed responsibility, the attack bore the hallmarks of recent ISIS attacks in that the terrorist used a truck to plow into pedestrians on a crowded street. It comes close on the heels of a similiar attack in Westminister which killed five people.


Here’s what we know so far:

  1. A 39-year-old Uzbek man was arrested after a large manhunt on suspicion of carrying out the attack. Two other suspects were arrested in connection with the attack but later released. During those arrests, near the area of Rinkeby, which was identified as a no-go-zone by U.S. President Donald Trump in a speech in February, gangs of local youths reportedly pelted police officers with stones.
  2. A suspicious “technical device” was found in the truck and is under police analysis. “We confirm that we have found a device in the truck that doesn’t belong there. We are now investigating its content,” Dan Eliasson, chief of the Swedish police said in a news conference on April 8. “Whether this was a classic bomb or some sort of flammable device is now a matter for our analysis.”
  3. The suspect was previously featured in intelligence reports, but was not being monitored at the time of the attack.
  4. Sweden’s prime minister vowed the country would not give in to terror. “Terrorists want us to be afraid, want us to change our behaviour, want us to not live our lives normally, but that is what we’re going to do,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said in a statement. “Terrorists can never defeat Sweden, never.”
  5. A “LoveFest” vigil to commemorate those killed in the terrorist attack is scheduled for 2pm local time on April 9, according to The Local.

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Elliot Friedland

Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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