First Clinic Opens in Egypt to Treat Women Victims of Violence

Illustrative picture. (Photo: Presidencia de la Republica Mexicana/Creative Commons)

This story was translated from an Arabic article in Youm7 by Clarion’s Arabic Affairs Analyst Ran Meir and edited for clarity.

The first clinic in Egypt specializing in tackling violence against women was opened in the public hospital of Matrouh.

The governor of Matrouh province Liwa Alaa Abu Zaid announced the opening as in accordance with the instructions of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi.

It was announced by the deputy minister of health in Matrouh province, Mahsan Tah, who stressed the governor ensured rapid construction so it would be the first clinic for violence against women in the country.

The clinic will provide physical and mental medical care for cases where women were attacked. The staff of the clinic includes a doctor, nursing staff and a specialized social worker. The clinic will run 24 hours a day to give comprehensive service.

Governor Zaid said Matrouh was the first governate in Egypt to open a clinic for violence against women and it will deal with physical attacks and all kinds of domestic attacks against women. It will apply international law and take all legal measures against perpetrators of violence against women.

Sisi designated 2017 as the year of the Egyptian woman, so that it would be a historic year for Egyptian women and for all of Egypt to encourage equality, rights and equal opportunities.

Violence against women in Egypt is widespread. A 2017 report by Euromed found “Domestic violence against women is largely tolerated, and no efforts have been made by the government to combat it.”

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