FBI Arrests 2 Terror Suspects Every Week

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FBI agents investigate a crime scene
FBI agents investigate a crime scene (Illustrative photo: SHAWN THEW/AFP/Getty Images)

A top official with the FBI revealed an average of two terror suspects are arrested every week in the U.S.

Speaking at the Security & Counter Terror Expo in London, Michael Mcgarrity, the assistant director of the bureau’s counter-terrorism division, said, “It’s a high-op tempo — some call it whack-a-mole.”

McGarrity said that once radicalized, a jihadi can be mobilized to attack in just 30 days.

He warned that there was a “lack of resources” to the growing terror threat to the U.S., noting that lone wolves attacks are often planned by “people living in the basements of their parents’ house.”

“The ocean doesn’t matter anymore,” said Mc Garrity, noting that “homegrown violent extremists” are usually born in the U.S.

Using the internet and social media, terror recruiters are targeting kids in their teens. At present, the average age of terror suspects is between 19 and 25.



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