Facebook Rejects Clarion Ad for Article Criticizing Them (Surprise)

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(Photo: Book Catalog/Flickr/CC 2.0)
This is the updated graphic (Photo: Book Catalog/Flickr/CC 2.0)

Yesterday, Clarion called out Facebook for deciding that a film lauding Islamist terror doesn’t violate its “Community Standards.” It does – specifically, six of them, as we noted in our article.

The film is about a young Palestinian terrorist who murdered three people and wounded seven on an Israeli bus and the events leading up to the terror attack. It also includes a fabricated scene where actors, dressed up as Jewish settlers, kidnap and graphically murder a Palestinian boy.

Click here to help ban the terror movie

Not surprisingly, when Clarion tried to take out an ad to promote our article criticizing Facebook, Facebook rejected it. Here is the letter we received:

When we clicked to see the reason the ad wasn’t approved, here is the page to which we were directed:

Ironically, Facebook thinks our small graphic showing a broken Facebook logo with fake blood coming out of may “shock or scare viewers,” is “scary, gory or sensational” or  depicts “violence or threats of violence.”

Note that the photo promoting another one of our articles (you can see it below the Facebook article in the letter above), which shows a picture of a burning American flag, does not violate Facebook’s definition of “sensational content” and was approved.

(Photo: Book Catalog/Flickr/CC 2.0)
(Photo: Book Catalog/Flickr/CC 2.0)

Editor’s update: We changed the graphic (see left) on our article about Facebook and submitted an ad for the article on Facebook again.  

Guess what? Facebook rejected our ad, this time for the following reason:



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